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Curious Penguin

Dare to jump in at the deep end

Penguins are terribly curious birds and show no fear of approaching something new. This has inspired us to a form study. The penguin adopts a posture where it is standing on the edge of an ice cube and is about to about to jump in at the the deep end. This is a symbolic expression of taking courage to start something new. He is a faithful companion for your home and all the challenges you face.

curious penguin black 3d printed schwarze, abstrahierte Pinguinfigur mit nach oben gestreckten Flügeln in 360 Grad Ansicht drehend

By 2100, 98% of all emperor penguins will be extinct.

With every purchase, you donate 5% to Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. so that they can protect the penguins from the destruction of their habitat.

Ein kleiner Schritt für den Menschen.
Ein großer Sprung für die Pinguine.


Will there be no more
penguins soon?

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In 80 years there will only be a few colonies left due overfishing and climate change. The rest will die out. The Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V actively supports endangered penguins. With every purchase, 5% goes to the organization. 

Is the penguin also available
in other colours?

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Our porcelain penguin we constantly bring out in new colors. If you want to be informed, you should subscribe to our newsletter. 

Is that really
3d printed?

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Der Curious Penguin 3D Druck Limited wird in industriellen 3D Druckern gefertigt. 
Dieses SLS-Verfahren ermöglicht einen sehr hohen Detailgrad, sowie ein robustes Material. Durch eine besondere Nachbearbeitung wird die Oberfläche geschmeidig.


your faithful companion

Fasse den Mut etwas Neues zu wagen.
The penguin will always accompany you on your new journey.

handgemachtES PORZELLAN

Each piece is unique
das durch seine handwerkliche Perfektion besticht.

help the penguins

With every purchase, you donate 5% to Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V., so that they can protect the penguins from the destruction of their habitat.

Lachsfarbende rosa Pinguin Figur mit nach oben gestreckten Flügeln, wie kurz vor dem Sprung ins kalte Wasser


The penguin is a perfect gift for animal lovers.
Or perhaps you would like to encourage someone
to dare something new.


Der Pinguin wird ausschließlich in Bayern gefertigt und unterliegt hohen Qualitätsstandards


For business customers we can apply individual logos.

Nicht reden.




Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, we will be happy to advise you.
If we don't answer immediately, we're about to capture the penguins.
See you soon.